August 20th, 2018


Interesting Links for 20-08-2018

Jewish Labour members accuse party leaders of trying to censor conference antisemitism training
(tags: Jews labour )
What do Nazis look like?
(tags: nazis usa history Germany )
Second-hand smoke scientist points out terrible reporting of his findings
(tags: science research journalism fail )
"The University of Liverpool also told Dr Kay Inckle that it might be considered “reasonable” for her to go down stairs on her bottom in some circumstances rather than be timetabled into ground floor or fully accessible rooms."
(tags: disability academia uk OhForFucksSake )
New Evidence Contradicts Theory That Easter Island Society Collapsed
(tags: EasterIsland )
One in five genetics papers contains errors thanks to Microsoft Excel
(tags: excel genetics fail )
What the world can learn about equality from the Nordics
(tags: inequality success economics society Norway Sweden Denmark Finland scandinavia )
This is how an otter tells you it wants to be stroked.
(tags: otters cute video )
Day to Night to Day (long exposure timelapse photography is one of my favourite things)
(tags: timelapse viaSwampers video )
This is definitely the worst team building exercise ever
(tags: work awful wtf teams )
A list of companies moving jobs out of the UK because of Brexit
(tags: uk Europe jobs doom )
Prison: A thought experiment
(tags: prison )
A fascinating introduction to different kinds of black hair (and some history)
(tags: hair race )
The Scientists Who Starved to Death Surrounded By Food
(tags: Russia food wwii research )
Contrary to popular psychological theory, believers in free will were no more generous or honest
(tags: FreeWill psychology )
Vietnam going solar after nuclear power plants shelved
(tags: solarpower vietnam )
The world's first floating farm making waves in Rotterdam
(tags: netherlands farming ocean )
Boris Johnson's Facebook page hosts hundreds of Islamophobic comments after burqa row
(tags: islam Conservatives racism facebook )
US co-pay costs for drugs can be massively higher than just buying them direct.
(tags: medication usa healthcare insurance OhForFucksSake )
I am seriously starting to think that Trump has dementia
(tags: usa politics wtf )

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