August 13th, 2018


Interesting Links for 13-08-2018

Laws and Sausages - an ongoing comic aiming to educate people about how the US political system works
(tags: usa politics comic )
At BlackRock, Machines Are Rising Over Managers to Pick Stocks
(tags: investing automation )
Bisexual Erasure and Biphobia - a guide to quickly exposing your prejudices courtesy of Graham Linehan
(tags: lgbt bigotry )
This largely sums up my politics
With the addition that what you need to keep the whole system in check are decent sets of rules, oversight, and huge amounts of transparency. I don't trust large businesses or the government. I want to see what they're up to, and keep them responsible.
(tags: politics )
Manchester Pride will say farewell to its iconic location in Canal Street
(tags: Labour Manchester pride lgbt )
The dangers of "pregnancy while fat" are tiny. Anyone saying otherwise is scaremongering
(tags: pregnancy fat weight health safety )
Northamptonshire and Barnet have pursued outsourcing and austerity to the point of collapse.
(tags: fail OhForFucksSake uk politics )
Ticketmaster to close resale sites Seatwave and Get Me In (I approve of the Irish law mentioned)
(tags: tickets concerts business )
The far-right BNP backs Boris Johnson as Britain's new Trump
(tags: uk racism politics conservatives OhForFucksSake )
Two Brexit stories this morning linked by one theme - the inability of the UK Government to make realistic decisions.
(tags: uk Europe trade doom )
The UK should stand by Canada
(tags: Canada saudiarabia rights uk )

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At age 45 I'm still discovering things about women

I can't tell if women assume that the things that happen universally around them also happen around men, or if they know that men aren't aware of them and think that it's pointless to mention them.

Because it was many years into my life that I heard about some of the awful things that women have to put up when walking around. Because nobody has ever yelled sexist things at a woman when I've been standing next to her. Nobody has ever followed a woman I'm with down the street for fifty feet asking her on a date until she has to go into a shop to hide from them. Nobody has ever exposed themselves to a woman I've been standing with. (To pick a few examples of things that have happened to women I know.)

And I didn't tend to find out about these kinds because women actively told me. I heard about them through being there when a woman was telling another woman.

Today's one was hearing from a female friend that since she changed her profile picture three days ago (to a really lovely portrait) that she's had six friends requests from guys she's never met, and has no friends in common with. And then having her friends chime in with defense methods (not allowing friends requests from people they have nobody in common with, setting their photo to be something other than their face), and to mention how often this happens to them too.

Which makes me wonder what other things are happening to women that I have absolutely no idea about.

And, going back to my opening line, I've had both reactions from women. Sometimes amazement that "How can men not know?" and sometimes "There's no point telling a man, he won't be supportive." I suspect we're going to need several more #MeToo moments to get more of this out in the open.

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