August 12th, 2018


Interesting Links for 12-08-2018

Can Society Scale?
(tags: society internet community discussion )
Men take care of their spouses just as well as women (new research suggests)
(tags: relationships gender illness )
Free sanitary products roll out to Edinburgh schools
(tags: Scotland menstruation GoodNews school women edinburgh )
The sequel to snakes on a plane looks a little bit cheap
(tags: snakes funny video )
"It's called a green screen Morty" (a most excellent tattoo, click to animate)
(tags: tattoo awesome animation tv )
Inigo Montoya has helped me go viral (300,000 people so far)
(tags: meme internet viral )
Why we should be spending huge quantities of cash on big telescopes to look at planets
(tags: space astronomy )
This is the "About" page for an Etsy account. Well worth reading. No seriously, read it.
(tags: craftwork etsy Scotland children viaPatrickHadfield )
Worst Computer Bugs in History: Therac-25
(tags: bugs death healthcare radiation epicfail )
Brexit: More than 100 constituencies that backed Leave in 2016 referendum would now vote Remain
(tags: UK Europe polls )
How folklore starts
(tags: myths )
World of Warcraft’s "No Honor No Pauldrons" movement makes MMOs special
(tags: Hanhaa mmo community viaSwampers )
Man bun hairstyle gets British Airways worker the sack
The idea that long hair isn't ok in men is, frankly, not acceptable.
(tags: hair work OhForFucksSake )
Reddit's legaladvice forum is a mine of fascinating things
(tags: law advice interesting )

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