August 3rd, 2018


Interesting Links for 03-08-2018

Brexit is not the first time a people have turned to self destruction to try and turn back time.
(tags: Africa history doom )
Women with polycystic ovary syndrome more likely to have a child with autism (2.3% vs 1.7%)
(tags: pcos testosterone autism )
People really are very judgemental about how other people show affection
(tags: society love OhForFucksSake children )
How to explain infinity to kids
(tags: infinity numbers children mathematics )
This is the most sense I've seen about Labour and the anti-Semitism saga
(tags: Labour Jews UK politics )
Netanyahu has tried to shift the blame for the holocaust from the nazis onto the palestinians.
(tags: Israel holocaust OhForFucksSake )
Buried UK government report finds fracking increases air pollution and lowers home values
(tags: pollution uk Conservatives )
A milestone is reached with the first zero-cost tracker funds - How low can you go?
(tags: investment wtf )
Timid, half-hearted and apologetic immigration policy is not the way to tackle prejudice
(tags: immigration libdem OhForFucksSake )
Research Shows Media Coverage Drives Public Support for UKIP
(tags: UKIP media uk )
How are negotiations going on the withdrawal agreement?
Still no solution for Ireland
(tags: UK Europe trade )
Indecisive penguin is indecisive
(tags: penguins video funny decisions )
Pocket City - Sim City, but on your phone. I've lost several hours to this already
(tags: simcity phone viaSwampers )
Driverless cars insurance laws receive Royal Assent
(tags: uk law automation driving )
Facebook API changes mean you can no longer cross-post from Twitter (or any other service)
(tags: facebook twitter )
Heatwave forces 3 Nordic nuclear reactors to be curbed, 1 to close, more expected, and EDF may shut 4 French reactors
(tags: nuclearpower temperature weather doom )

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