July 27th, 2018


Interesting Links for 27-07-2018

The free speech panic: how the right concocted a crisis
(tags: freespeech uk media )
On Preparing for Brexipocalypse
(tags: UK Europe doom apocalypse )
Hate delivering negative feedback at work? 19 phrases to help make giving difficult feedback easier
(tags: work conversation advice )
Dota 2 players in the Netherlands can now see what's in loot boxes before they buy
Clearly still gambling though
(tags: gambling games viaSwampers )
Medicinal cannabis products to be legalised
(tags: medicine marijuana uk )
Independent petition calling for referendum on final Brexit deal breaks 200,000 in just 24 hours
(tags: referendum petition uk europe )
Are Things Getting Better or Worse?
(tags: thefuture statistics history happiness )
Vote Leave's targeted Brexit ads released by Facebook
(tags: UK Europe advertising facebook )
Brexit: Barnier rules out key UK customs proposal
(tags: UK europe )
Virtual reality therapy trial to be rolled out across UK
(tags: VirtualReality therapy )
The Road to QUIC (a replacement for TCP and HTTP)
(tags: technology networking web )
Who Are the Highest-Paid Musicians? Top 50 Money Makers 2018. (Fascinating asking the differences in streaming vs album sales)
(tags: music money streaming )
On right-wing acceptance of useful minorities
(tags: nazis lgbt history )
Public opinion is moving towards supporting a Brexit referendum deal
(tags: UK Europe referendum )
Clever study shows how two minds interact to create the spooky sense that an Ouija board is moving by itself
(tags: psychology supernatural )
Brexiteer Labour MP Kate Hoey suffers vote of no confidence from her constituency members
(tags: uk europe labour )

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