July 25th, 2018


Interesting Links for 25-07-2018

UK snooping unlawful for more than decade
(tags: UK surveillance )
Scottish public asked for views on bottle return scheme
(tags: UK environment Scotland recycling )
Chrome browser flags Daily Mail and other sites as 'not secure'
(tags: security web )
White House readies plan for $12 billion in emergency aid to farmers caught in Trump’s escalating trade war
(tags: trade farming usa republicans )
Russian hackers penetrate US power stations
How, exactly, is this not an act of war?
(tags: usa russia hacking )
Here's what Jeremy Corbyn actually said in the speech the anti-Corbyn mob are going berserk about
(tags: labour )
Prince Charles and the Archbishop of Canterbury rallied to help ex-bishop later jailed for abuse
(tags: monarchy religion UK Child_abuse OhForFucksSake )
Margaret Thatcher’s government drew up a secret blacklist of its own civil servants thought to be “subversives” in order to keep them under observation and block their promotion
(tags: margaretthatcher OhForFucksSake uk history )
Scottish voters less awful than English ones
(tags: polls UK Europe scotland )
A second referendum would almost certainly require an extension to the Article 50 period
(tags: Europe UK referendum )
Sacha Baron Cohen causes resignation of Republican politician
(tags: republicans racism politics usa SachaBaronCohen )
It's England in 2018. It's still legal to keep someone in a marriage they want to leave.
(tags: law marriage uk )
'Conjoined twins': how Brexit's Irish backstop conundrum could be solved
Whole load of maybes in here. And selling it will be tricky.
(tags: ireland NorthernIreland europe uk )
China is making electric buses cheap, just like it did for solar panels
(tags: china transport buses electricity batteries )
"Mary, Queen of Scots" film is, as you'd expect, fiction
(tags: movies scotland history )

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