July 18th, 2018


Interesting Links for 18-07-2018

Breastfeeding model causes stir on catwalk
(tags: breastfeeding models )
Venetian Voting was fascinating
(tags: voting history italy )
Is no deal better than a bad deal (Irish edition)?
(tags: Ireland Europe UK trade doom )
This is what a trade agreement looks like. (Not something you dash off in a weekend)
(tags: trade )
Your regular reminder that if you don't block all ads then you are leaving yourself wide open to attackers
(tags: advertising hacking security adblock )
LibDem Whip issues apology over Trade Bill vote
(tags: voting Europe uk libdem )
Conservatives are breaking vote pairing agreements
(tags: voting UK conservatives )
Lance Armstrong’s Tour de France wins reinstated after Brexit revelation that cheating is fine
(tags: UK europe satire cycling )
Jeremy Corbyn Told By Veteran Jewish MP 'You're A F***ing Anti-Semite And A Racist'
(tags: Jews labour )
UK Govt now mandated in law to take all necessary steps to remain part of EEA or EU
(tags: Europe uk )
More British people subscribe to a streaming TV provider than a cable/satellite one.
(tags: tv UK streaming )
Young people don't drive nearly as much as they used to
(tags: driving demographics uk )
Piling on a three way referendum shows 55% for Remain, large percentage want to cause food riots.
(tags: UK Europe polls )
MPs removed the legal safeguards that would have enabled an annulment of the referendum outcome if there was material cheating.
(tags: fraud referendum uk europe )
Since it decriminalised all drugs in 2001, Portugal has seen dramatic drops in overdoses, HIV infection and drug-related crime
(tags: Portugal drugs GoodNews decriminalization )
Banning sex work advertising online will put sex workers in danger
(tags: sexwork UK OhForFucksSake )
Dairy products may become luxuries after UK leaves EU
(tags: UK Europe milk doom )
This vision of a future British economy looks good. Am I missing something? (Other than Labour still being pro-Brexit)
(tags: uk europe thefuture labour economy )
9ft shark spotted in Cornwall
Also - if someone _has_ taken a vertical video, what exactly are they gaining by adding a blurry copy on each side of it?
(tags: Cornwall sharks video )

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