May 11th, 2018


Interesting Links for 11-05-2018

The strangest place people have written software
(tags: software weird )
Jeremy Thorpe: Who was the Liberal Party leader and what led to his spectacular fall from grace?
(tags: politics history liberal uk )
Is Iran really the world’s leading state sponsor of terror
(tags: Iran terrorism facts )
Salary transparency continues to be in everyone's interests except your boss'
(tags: transparentsociety salary money )
Making tiny swords out of nails (and large ones out of railroad spikes)
(tags: weaponry )
Reasons why babies cry
(tags: babies crying funny )
Digital photocopiers contain copies of everything they've seen. Companies sell them without wiping them
(tags: data Technology privacy fail )
Google Grapples with ‘Horrifying’ Reaction to Uncanny AI Tech
(tags: ai Google )
Solo: First Reactions Twitter Roundup
(tags: StarWars )
If you tell people they're seeing an advert because you're tracking them they like it less
(tags: advertising surveillance )
Scientists Stuffed a Crocodile Into an MRI Machine to See If It Likes Bach
(tags: crocodile music mri )
Positive parenting doesn't help children's friendships, but negative parenting harms them
(tags: children friendship parenting )
Flexible work arrangements reduce wage gap for mothers
(tags: wages inequality mother )
Stanford Study Shows the Productivity Boost of Working From Home
(tags: work productivity )
What’s the waiter doing with the computer screen?
(tags: ux design restaurant viaSwampers )
This Comic From 1919 Imagines What It’s Like to Have a Phone in Your Pocket
(tags: phones comic thefuture )

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