May 8th, 2018


Interesting Links for 08-05-2018


We have a daughter. These are some photos of her

This is Sophia.

Here she is on the bed where Jane spent 17 hours in labour:

Here she is being weighed. She is smaller than we expected from the scans - just under average weight rather than being at the top of the normal range. This is all my fault for having a huge head. Jane regrets not checking my hat size before embarking on a relationship with me:

Also, you may have noticed how hairy she is. Jane was also born looking like this. Although apparently even moreso, with her hair in a quiff and (from her own description) looking like a good luck troll.

Here she is with her mum:

We got out after only a couple of days, and were able to lounge around the flat:

I got to practice winding her while brushing my teeth and surfing the internet:

Sadly, she came down with jaundice, and we had to go back in again so she could have all of her yellow replaced with blue:

But while we were in the NICU waiting room we finally managed to get a photo of the three of us together. Sorry about the thumb!

And now we get to spend time relaxing at home together with Jim:

Jim is generally quite relaxed about her, and will observe from a couple of feet away. When she gets noisy he retreats to his sleeping spot under a radiator at the other end of the flat:

The crib is awesome, btw - it straps onto the side of the bed and the side comes down, so Jane can sleep with her arm in there holding hands with Sophia if she's being a bit grizzly.

Jane has been practicing her swaddling skills:

The midwife has weighed her:

And we've been out for a couple of walks:

The sling came in the baby box, and has been fantastic. Takes about a minute to put on, is very comfortable and adjustable, and can be used in different ways.

Yesterday we even made it out to a cafe for lunch!

You can expect more of these to come :-)

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