April 11th, 2018


Interesting Links for 11-04-2018

How does a colour get from a description in code to your eyeball? (A fascinating journey)
(tags: eyes colour computers light )
The closest exoplanet to Earth just got doused with deadly flares
(tags: space planets death )
Australian English (unintentionally) promotes gender equality by offering informal gender-neutral names for jobs that have traditional '-man' endings.
(tags: Australia language gender )
A simple change in the law could open up online access to the BBC's archives
(tags: BBC law uk )
How to have one of everything in the universe
(tags: funny categorisation )
Thirty years after I first saw it in a French book shop, the comic version of The Forever War is finally available in an English collection
(tags: comic scifi war )
US revenge porn victim gets $6.4m damage award
(tags: abuse internet crime )
Nick Griffin declares his support for Jeremy Corbyn
(tags: bnp Labour politics syria )
Movie about crack mayor Rob Ford to star mediocre male reporter instead of brilliant woman one who investigated him
(tags: movies gender OhForFucksSake journalism )
People with one sugar craving gene have less body fat overall
(tags: genetics sugar fat )
Why SQLite Does Not Use Git
(tags: git versioncontrol development )
How to lose a million euros outsourcing development
(tags: outsourcing india development )
Brexiters keep insisting that The Commonwealth can replace the EU for trade. This is complete nonsense
(tags: uk history trade europe )

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