March 29th, 2018


Interesting Links for 29-03-2018

Scientist think they found a new human organ—a fluid-filled “shock absorber”
(tags: organs )
Pirahã is the weirdest language
(tags: language weird )
AI generated nude portraits are surreal and horrifying
(tags: ViaDrCross nudity art ai )
Superbug That Killed A Nevada Woman Resisted 26 Antibiotics
(tags: antibiotics OhForFucksSake thefuture )
"London has numbed me to everything and I have lost all sense of wonder"
I'm very glad to live a long way from London
(tags: London )
No, I’m not angry with Jeremy Corbyn because I want him to lose
(tags: Labour politics )
Labour will probably vote for Theresa May's final Brexit deal
(tags: Labour UK europe OhForFucksSake )
Sean Penn The Novelist Must Be Stopped
(tags: review books awful )
Corbyn supporters targeting Labour MPs who went to antisemitism protest
(tags: labour Jews OhForFucksSake )
Man has 'world's worst' super-gonorrhoea
(tags: disease sex antibiotics doom )
In a first, a new UK coal mine is rejected on climate change grounds
(tags: coal uk globalwarming GoodNews environment mining )
Calling for a Land Value Tax “to shape society and economy in fair and just way”
(tags: tax land wealth scotland )
Fleet of automated electric taxis could deliver environmental and energy benefits
(tags: automation driving taxi )
Why fanfic is important
(tags: writing fanfic )
Cot death risk increased by rare genetic mutation
(tags: babies death genetics )
Parental conflict can do lasting damage to children's ability to read emotions
(tags: children parents emotion psychology )
Call to restore historic footbridge over Waverley Station roof
(tags: bridge trains edinburgh )
A good, nuanced, look at sexy costumes on female superheroes. I particularly liked the line about tuxedos
(tags: sex superheroes clothes society )
Tesla is trying to overautomate their production line
(tags: automation cars Tesla fail )
Intervention increases in socio-emotional and socio-cognitive abilities in autistic adults
(tags: autism emotion psychology )
Scientists discover promising off-switch for inflammation (in mice)
(tags: inflammation GoodNews )
80% of rubber ducks are infested with bacteria
(tags: disease bacteria baths toys )
Finally, a use for literature
(tags: funny literature books weight )

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