March 27th, 2018


Interesting Links for 27-03-2018

Poll: Brits Would Rather Leave EU Than Keep Northern Ireland In The UK
(tags: uk europe NorthernIreland polls )
The defiance of an 'untouchable' New York subway worker
(tags: india usa bigotry )
Apple thinks you should have to sign up to multiple music services to get access to all music.
Make it harder for me to access music and I will stop spending £120/year on music and go back to downloading it. Frankly, I hadn't spent £120 on albums per year since I was about 25. Spotify gets me paying far more than I otherwise would.
(tags: music apple OhForFucksSake )
Microsoft Bans “Offensive Language” from Skype - can fuck off
(tags: microsoft censorship OhForFucksSake )
‘Solo’ Actor Says Phil Lord and Chris Miller ‘Weren’t Prepared’ for ‘Star Wars,’ Alden Ehrenreich ‘Just Not Good Enough’
(tags: StarWars movies )
French waiter says firing for rudeness is 'discrimination against my culture'
Somehow not satire
(tags: behaviour france food restaurant job headline )
First self-driving train launches on London Thameslink route
(tags: London trains automation transport )
All the Things the Star Wars: The Last Jedi Novelization Adds to the Movie
(tags: StarWars books )
Same-sex marriage bill for Northern Ireland to be introduced at Westminster in absence of power-sharing at Stormont
(tags: marriage equality LGBT NorthernIreland )
It all made sense when we found out we were autistic
(tags: autism life )
Fitbit Versa review: What the Pebble did next
(tags: watch technology review )
G Found in 31 Non-Western Cultures: Strong Evidence That G Is a Universal Trait
(tags: intelligence psychology )
One Strange Rock is a Cosmos for the Earth-bound that’s worth watching
(tags: TV review earth science )
Does the UK’s case against Russia stack up?
(tags: chemistry weapons spying Russia uk )
Music lessons improve children's cognitive skills and academic performance
(tags: music education children )
Neuroscientists say daily ibuprofen can prevent Alzheimer's disease
(tags: alzheimers drugs )
Global carbon emissions could be cut 3 percent by following the UK's example
(tags: UK globalwarming electricity co2 )
The 30 Best Protest Signs from the March For Our Lives
(tags: protest guns usa funny )
Arizona Government Suspends Uber's Self Driving Cars from Roads
(tags: automation driving cars usa fail )
Scientists Print All-Liquid 3-D Structures
(tags: 3dprinting water )
It's not just Facebook. Thousands of companies are spying on you
(tags: surveillance advertising business )
Prenatal stress changes brain connectivity in-utero
(tags: stress babies brain )
Irn Bru sales go up after new recipe introduced
(tags: drink scotland sugar )
Science Is Getting Us Closer to the End of Infertility
And producing whole new ways of making new life
(tags: fertility babies Technology )

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