March 14th, 2018


Interesting Links for 14-03-2018

What does "Ireland First" mean, and how did we get here?
(tags: Ireland uk europe )
Man Behind Scottish Comic Cons is a Far-Right Fanatic
(tags: comics Scotland conventions bigotry uk )
Scottish Lobbying Register goes live
(tags: scotland lobbying )
Just how dangerous is bacon? And how can we make it safer?
(tags: food bacon safety cancer health viaSwampers )
The cliff that changed our understanding of time
(tags: geology time history )
Future of 1p and 2p coins questioned by Treasury
(tags: cash money uk )
A startup is pitching a mind-uploading service that is “100 percent fatal”
(tags: death mind technology backup )
Men and women have opposite genetic alterations in depression
(tags: gender depression genetics )
There seems to be a racist bomber loose in Austin, Texas
(tags: racism terrorism texas usa )
Teach boys about periods
(tags: menstruation boys )
Kangaroos: Still terrifying
(tags: animals scary australia )
The terrifyingly early age that men start looking at girls sexually
(tags: sex society girls age )
1946 U.S. document reveals Poles treated Jews as badly as Germans did
(tags: Holocaust Poland germany history Jews )
'I want to explain arranged marriage to white people'
(tags: Pakistan marriage games )
Stephen Hawking, legendary theoretical physicist, dies at 76
(tags: StephenHawking obituary )
"You Want a Physicist to Speak at Your Funeral"
You can use it at mine, if you like
(tags: physics death viaElfy )
Analysis discovers 187 genetic locations for intelligence, 583 genes in total
(tags: genetics Intelligence )
We now know 22 Trillion Digits of Pi, bringing us no closer to the end
(tags: pi infinity )
How Hollywood Salaries Really Work
(tags: money movies actors salary hollywood )

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