February 14th, 2018


Interesting Links for 14-02-2018

Childcare: Do UK parents pay the most in the world?
(tags: children childcare uk money )
To improve your memory take a break after learning something
(tags: memory )
Banned Georgian sex manual reveals strange beliefs
(tags: history sex )
Possibly the stupidest bit of system design I have ever encountered. (And I've written some stupid stuff in my time)
(tags: design OhForFucksSake programming )
Schizophrenia patients have been helped by a video game that helps them control their speech centers
(tags: neuroscience psychology schizophrenia games )
Julian Assange: Warrant for his arrest upheld by court
(tags: law uk JulianAssange )
Yes, sea level rise really is accelerating
(tags: globalwarming ocean )
What Atari Was Really Like, According to Women Who Were There
(tags: atari games history )
Predictors for infidelity and divorce
Happy Valentine's Day everyone!
(tags: divorce relationships psychology )
Money only buys happiness for a certain amount
(tags: happiness money )
South African lions eat poacher, leaving just his head
(tags: lions Africa GoodNews )
Justice Minister: Israel must safeguard Jewish majority, even at expense of civil rights
(tags: israel OhForFucksSake )
Where Have All The Loyal Employees Gone?
(tags: employment work )
Meet The Dominatrix Who Requires The Men Who Hire Her To Read Black Feminist Theory
(tags: bdsm race viaElfy )
Can't buy me love: Materialism in marriage linked to devaluation of marriage
(tags: marriage money )
Achtung Baby: An American mum on the German art of raising self reliant children
(tags: Germany usa parenting advice )
Google’s nemesis: meet the British couple who took on a giant, won... and cost it £2.1 billion
(tags: viaSwampers monopoly google )
The Case for Realistic Expectations
(tags: happiness psychology )
Many animals can count, some better than you
(tags: animals numbers brain )

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