February 1st, 2018


Interesting Links for 01-02-2018

15,000 jobs at risk as Brexit exposes U.K. to worldwide raid on Airbus wing production
(tags: airplanes manufacturing UK europe )
Forth Road Bridge to reopen to public transport
(tags: transport edinburgh scotland )
EU rejects Brexit plan for banks by Britain's financial industry
(tags: finance UK europe )
How to fight in a dress
(tags: fighting clothes women )
Pro-Leave MPs are happy to gamble on Brexit, because they know someone else will pay for it
(tags: UK Europe OhForFucksSake Conservatives )
Children receive new ears grown from their own cells in world first
(tags: ears technology thefuture )
'Holy grail' blood test for early Alzheimer’s indicators could help patients begin treatment before they show symptoms
(tags: alzheimers GoodNews )
Subnautica is gaming's ultimate safe place
(tags: games exploration )
3D-printed fabric armour
(tags: armour material 3dprinting )
"You don't look autistic"
People tell me I'm always calm when there's an emergency.
(tags: autism behaviour )
Cook book covers are all about men helping women to chop cucumbers
(tags: cooking food books society marketing advertising viaBartCalendar )
Placebo effect doesn't seem to exist outside of pain relief
(tags: placebo )
Cancer ‘vaccine’ eliminates tumors in mice
(tags: cancer mice GoodNews )
Super Mario film announced by Nintendo, will hopefully be less shit than the last one
(tags: Mario nintendo movies )
Measuring QUIC vs TCP on mobile and desktop
(tags: networking tcp internet google )
West Ham suspend Tony Henry over claims of club policy against signing Africans
(tags: racism football )
Theresa May lacks power to force hard Brexit through parliament, warns George Osborne
(tags: uk europe politics Conservatives )
Where Dutch directness comes from
(tags: netherlands behaviour history religion society )
MIT launches its Intelligence Quest
(tags: Intelligence ai Technology research )
In praise of the headphone jack
(tags: Technology audio )
Apparently this was the first thing I bought on Amazon (October 1999)
(tags: Amazon history )

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