January 29th, 2018


Interesting Links for 29-01-2018

46 tons of Mardi Gras beads found in clogged New Orleans catch basins
(tags: new_orleans water )
Delta V Solar System Maps
(tags: space visualisation )
Gods, goddesses, and L Ron Hubbard in Australia's controversial lamb advert
(tags: sheep food advertising australia )
I didn't know how easy it was to kidnap tigers
(tags: tiger video )
Dinosaur ballet is clearly the best ballet
(tags: ballet dancing dinosaurs )
Cats doing capoeira
(tags: cats cute )
Did A Teenage Girl Make The Kinks Great?
(tags: music )
Connections between high blood sugar and dementia
(tags: sugar dementia alzheimers )
Sailing drones provide high quality ocean data
(tags: drone ocean )
Yes, There Is Gravity in Space (even though most tv and movies get it wrong)
(tags: space gravity physics )
Tory MP David Davies condemned for transphobic and abhorrent views by party's official LGBT group
(tags: lgbt Conservatives transgender )
Strava Heatmap turns out to be *amazing* for finding military bases and patrol routes
(tags: military maps surveillance OhForFucksSake )
How far do you get from London before you hit 50% of the population
(tags: uk london population )
The 3 Things I had to Realise Before I 'got' Dark Souls
I am regularly amused by the videos I see that say "Once I realised I had to give in to Stockholm Syndrome I learned to love Dark Souls!" Which means that either, yes, you have to think a bit differently to like it, because it is a bit different. Or it means that the game just isn't very likeable for most people and maybe they should have made it more accessible if they wanted more people to like it. (I reckon they're perfectly happy appealing to the people it does appeal to, considering how successful the franchise is).
(tags: games video )
Trump doesn't really understand he's not the CEO of America
(tags: usa politics republicans OhForFucksSake )
Annihilation: Paramount dropping UK cinema release (Would totally have paid money to see it as well!)
(tags: movies netflix )
Cats! In! Boxes!
(tags: Cats cute )
If your horse riders aren't on fire your sport is inferior
(tags: sport fire awesome )
An island that switches countries every six months
(tags: countries history )
Vegans are now 1% of the UK population, and they're getting militant
(tags: food vegan uk )
Star Wars fans defy church protests to attend first cinema showing on a Sunday in Isle of Lewis
Note that most of the population want to be able to do things on a Sunday, with a few religious leaders holding them back.
(tags: religion StarWars GoodNews viaSwampers )
Watch tiny children learn how the patriarchy works
(tags: children consent society patriarchy )
What I learned from three months of Content Moderation for Facebook in Berlin
(tags: Facebook )

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