January 4th, 2018


Interesting Links for 04-01-2018

Digital streaming behind biggest rise in UK music sales for two decades
(tags: business music streaming spotify uk )
Here’s what the evidence shows about the links between creativity and depression
(tags: creativity depression psychology )
Iceland introduces fines for firms that don’t pay men and women equally
(tags: Iceland gender pay equality )
'Kernel memory leaking' Intel processor design flaw forces Linux, Windows redesign
(tags: bug processor design epicfail Intel )
Wrestler vs 9 Year Old Girl (I can't see how anyone would think that wrestling was faked)
(tags: Wrestling girls video funny viaElfy )
The latest horribly dangerous health fad: unfiltered untreated water
(tags: health water OhForFucksSake )
High doses of vitamin D rapidly reduce arterial stiffness
(tags: vitaminD health heart )
Trump didn't think he could be president - and didn't think he should be.
(tags: politics usa OhForFucksSake )
Genetic analysis of ancient Alaskan child suggests the region was settled by people crossing from Asia 25,000 years ago
(tags: Alaska prehistory America asia )
Who Took the Legendary Earthrise Photo From Apollo 8?
(tags: photos moon history space )
Some quotes illustrating why the government's new Universities Regulator isn't suitable to hold *any* job
(tags: sexism Twitter OhForFucksSake Conservatives )
If you earn an average UK salary, by the end of today a top boss will have earned more than you do all year.
(tags: uk pay inequality )
A Breakthrough Blindness Treatment Will Cost $425,000 Per Eye, If It Works
(tags: eyes medicine money )

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