December 15th, 2017


Interesting Links for 15-12-2017

Xenomorphs are now officially Disney Princesses (and the X-Men can rejoin the Marvel Universe)
(tags: Disney fox movies tv )
Scottish income tax changes introduced (looks like I'll be paying more. And a good thing too.)
(tags: tax scotland )
Man denies downloading child porn as he isn't attracted to black people
(tags: racism paedophilia OhForFucksSake headline )
Scrap the stethoscope: engineers create new way to measure vital signs with radio waves
(tags: healthcare technology )
Coloring books make you feel better, but real art therapy much more potent
(tags: art colour stress psychology )
Treatable Condition Could Be Mistaken for Schizophrenia or Bipolar Disorder
(tags: mentalhealth psychology immune_system )
Insight into how infants learn to walk
(tags: babies learning walking )
Intervention offered in school readiness program boosts children's self-regulation skills and early academic success
(tags: learning children self-control )
Almost half of under 25s 'never use a condom with a new partner'
(tags: disease pregnancy contraception uk )
Does the Government defeat on clause 9 of the EU (Withdrawal) Bill mean Parliament has ‘taken back control’?
(tags: UK Europe law )
You can’t support my ‘No’ if you don’t also support my ‘Yes’: a thread on consent, sexual harassment/assault, and sex work
(tags: sex society sexwork consent )
Amazon will resume selling Apple TV, Google's Chromecast
(tags: amazon google apple )
Gene therapy cures haemophilia A
(tags: genetics blood Technology awesome )
Suicidal thoughts rapidly reduced with ketamine
(tags: suicide depression ketamine )
On helping people who stay in am abusive relationship
(tags: abuse relationships )
43% of people on disability payments have tried to kill themselves. Double what it was under Labour.
(tags: suicide disability OhForFucksSake uk austerity )

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