December 10th, 2017


Interesting Links for 10-12-2017

Ballet rotoscope (delightful connection of line and motion)
(tags: dance video Technology )
Membership of Mensa associated with mental and physical disorders
(tags: mensa Intelligence health mentalhealth )
Germany has come up with the best solution to single-use coffee cups
(tags: environment germany )
How to deal with high housing prices
(tags: housing japan economics )
10 Surprisingly Effective 2 P.M. Pick-Me-Ups
(tags: work funny advice satire )
Line Rider synced to Hall Of The Mountain King is a lot of fun
(tags: music animation video )
Widening inequality is largely a US and UK phenomenon – why?
(tags: inequality uk society libdem )
First electric trains to run on Edinburgh-Glasgow main line on Sunday
(tags: Edinburgh glasgow electricity Scotland trains transport )
Global powers lobby to stop special Brexit deal for UK
(tags: UK europe )
iPhone slow? Try replacing your battery
(tags: iPhone speed batteries )
A Cruise Ship Called “The World” Is a Luxury Home at Sea for the Super Rich
(tags: money ship ocean )
The six Brexit traps that will defeat Theresa May | Yanis Varoufakis
(tags: Europe UK greece )
Recycling Chaos in U.S. As China Bans 'Foreign Waste'
(tags: usa China recycling )
EU closes mammoth trade deal with Japan
(tags: Japan Europe trade )
Two-year degrees to lower tuition fees
(tags: education UK )
Bermuda abolishes same-sex marriage after six months
(tags: lgbt marriage OhForFucksSake viaJennieRigg )

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