November 11th, 2017


Interesting Links for 11-11-2017

The UK spends more of their money on childcare than any other OECD country
(tags: uk children money OhForFucksSake )
The iPhone X Is A User Experience Nightmare
(tags: apple iphone ux fail )
It is the Time of Trump. Europe needs to step up
(tags: Europe usa politics )
The real lesson of that self-driving shuttle’s first-day accident
(tags: driving accident automation )
How can liberalism be to blame for everything when we can't even agree what it is?
(tags: liberal language politics society )
Reacting to the Louis C.K. Revelations
(tags: abuse comedy )
Mexico baby death trial reveals growing persecution of women who miscarry
(tags: Mexico women pregnancy OhForFucksSake wtf )
Men, get ready to be uncomfortable for a while. While forgiveness may come one day, it won’t be soon.
(tags: abuse women men society thefuture forgiveness viaErindubitably ViaDrCross )
The naked truth about Facebook’s revenge porn tool
(tags: Facebook nudity Technology )
At DC Comics, An Editor Rose Through The Ranks Even After Being Accused Of Sexual Harassment
(tags: harassment abuse comics dc )
CBS Diversity Showcase Is a Racist Mess, Participants Say
(tags: racism comedy )
EU citizens worth £4.42bn to Scotland (not that the money is the point)
(tags: Europe immigration money )
Two marine scientists are now playing each other, on Twitter, in an ocean-themed game of chess.Scientifically-accurate kill scenes are required
(tags: chess games ocean twitter )
Senior Saudi figures tortured and beaten in purge
(tags: saudiarabia )

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