November 6th, 2017


Interesting Links for 06-11-2017

Why does Neil Kinnock get away with comments about abuse that Gove doesn't?
(tags: politics abuse media uk )
A fact-check of "Goodbye, Christopher Robin" finds it...problematic at best
(tags: facts history writing children movies )
After 42 years of sex discrimination laws, why force schoolgirls to wear skirts?
(tags: clothing girls school )
Bullshit excuses for sexual harassment: the autism edition
(tags: harrassment abuse autism )
David Mitchell on Earthsea – a rival to Tolkien and George RR Martin
(tags: fantasy fiction writing )
Craniopagus Twins Share a Brain and See Out of Each Others Eyes
(tags: twins brain )
There are rumours that the Tolkien Estate are shopping a Lord Of The Rings TV series
(tags: lotr tv )
"How I guesstimated the value of Bitcoin in 2014"
(tags: bitcoin currency economics )
How Men Elevate, and Women Ruin, the Foods They Love
(tags: food gender OhForFucksSake )
Trump commerce secretary's business links with Putin family laid out in leaked files
(tags: Russia usa politics )
Helicopter carrying officials (and a prince) crashes in Saudi Arabia
(tags: saudiarabia )
Paradise Papers leak reveals secrets of the world elite's hidden wealth
(tags: wealth tax )
Some advice on how to cope with grief
(tags: death emotion advice )
Why do Conservatives have a hard time understanding Liberal arguments on a lot of issues?
(tags: politics society )
The poppy has lost its original meaning – time to ditch it
(tags: memory war uk )
Round-up of Saudi princes, businessmen widens, travel curbs imposed
(tags: saudiarabia )
Psycho-Conservatism: What it Is, When to Doubt It
(tags: psychology Conservatives politics )
Star Wars, Hamilton, Frozen and Guardians of the Galaxy actors played an all-star version of Werewolf together
(tags: games actors )
Theresa May's record on sexual abuse is appalling
(tags: abuse Conservatives )

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Kittens are, apparently, universal

About a week ago I bumped into this image:

which someone had shared on Twitter as "I found this on Facebook", decided I too wanted to share it on Facebook, and so did.

Where it has racked up 211,375 views, 265 like/laugh/loves, 191 comments, and 2,697 shares. And I've gained about 36 Likes for Andy Ducker's Links.

Most of the comments are of the variety "It's <my cat>!" or people commenting with the names of friends/partners who they wish to inform that they've found their cat.

I'm not sure that "sharing cat photos" is the fame I was looking for. But I shan't complain too much.

(A Google Search today finally turned up the original source. I did look on day 1, but couldn't find them. I do feel slightly odd about getting clicks for something they made.)

Original post on Dreamwidth - there are comment count unavailable comments there.