October 25th, 2017


Interesting Links for 25-10-2017

Brexit can be stopped by UK, European Council president Donald Tusk says
(tags: uk europe )
Why do so few black students go to Oxbridge?
(tags: university race uk )
Portugal Bans Use of DRM to Limit Access to Public Domain Works
(tags: GoodNews drm portugal )
This is what happens if we fail to negotiate an agreement with Europe
(tags: europe uk doom )
Survey evidence: Europeans support the EU’s hard line in the Brexit negotiations
(tags: Europe UK polls )
Facebook mistranslates 'good morning', Palestinian man arrested
(tags: Facebook palestine Israel translation OhForFucksSake )
Let’s Enhance! Recovering a private key from a blurry QR code
(tags: encryption bitcoin programming maths )
Teaching Demonology, Possession, and Exorcism in Texas
(tags: religion academia University viaMartinPage )
70s Dinner Party on Twitter is full of delightfully awful food
(tags: food history )
A book, crystallized in the ocean
(tags: books ocean )
I found the best font
(tags: font fantasy swords awesome )
The Uncanny Resurrection of Dungeons and Dragons
(tags: dungeonsanddragons )
Lib Dems offer to vote for EU Withdrawal Bill
(tags: europe libdem uk )
Anti-aging stem cell treatment proves successful in early human trials
(tags: age research GoodNews )
Saudi crown prince promises 'a more moderate Islam' and to destroy extremist ideologies
That is a remarkable statement from Saudi Arabia. This kind of move, if they follow through with it, could lead to huge changes in the region.
(tags: religion saudiarabia islam GoodNews )
The Invisible Black Man on a Prospect Park Statue
(tags: statue racism history usa )
Lonley people are more self-centred. And vice versa
(tags: loneliness psychology behaviour )

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Something Something Baby Something

Rather than wibble around and take ages to get to the point, here's the headline news. Inside Jane it looks like this:

Or, in other words:

Obviously, we've known about this for a while. Since early September, in fact. Although, just at the point I told my counsellor about it Jane had a horrible shock when it seemed very-much like she'd miscarried. It was only about three weeks later, when she went to see the doctor to ask how long the nausea would carry on that we were sent to see the Early Pregnancy Unit. They were frankly amazing, took a quick look with the ultrasound, and we got to see the an early fetal heartbeat!

Baby's temporary holding name is "Loki the trickster foetus".

Anyway! We're delighted, it was fantastic having the proper scan today, complete with seeing the baby's hands waving about and them stretching into different positions, and I'm now excitedly (and nervously) looking forward to next May.

Oh, and if anyone is trying to get pregnant, and wants a recommendation, then I can honestly tell you that the Hotel Saint Paul Rive Gauche in Paris worked for us.

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