September 16th, 2017


Interesting Links for 16-09-2017

Why has Donald Trump's behaviour changed?
tl;dr his media handlers have changed to people who aren't as horrific racists as before.
(tags: politics USA )
Swedish politician Patrik Liljeglod raped for his beliefs
(tags: rape politics sweden OhForFucksSake )
Labour MSPs calling for 'groundwork' on SNP-Labour deal
It would be nice to see them cooperating against the Conservatives
(tags: politics scotland snp labour )
Better-off areas asked to build up to 40% more homes
Which I'm generally in favour of. If that's where people are living then that's where we should be building homes.
(tags: housing uk )
Extreme Parenting For The One Percent
(tags: parenting autism children transparentsociety )
Put your multiple personalities in Firefox Multi-Account Containers
(tags: firefox )
Build, gather, brawl, repeat: The history of real-time strategy games
(tags: games history rts )
New Poll Finds Majority Oppose White Supremacists—Even While Sharing White Supremacist Views
(tags: USA poll racism )
Writing off student debt cheaper than claimed, says IFS
(tags: student debt uk )
Public opinion in the UK is changing on immigration
(tags: immigration UK polls )
Divinity: Original Sin 2 verdict – face-robbing, limb-chomping, heart-breaking
Adored the first one. Really must make time for this.
(tags: games review )
Christians in U.S. Military ‘Serve Satan’ If They Tolerate Other Religions, Air Force Chaplain Says
(tags: religion usa military OhForFucksSake )
America's Unregulated Sex Toy Problem
(tags: usa sextoys safety )

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