August 23rd, 2017


Interesting Links for 23-08-2017

Sadly many people today, often in without realizing it, endorse a key tenet of Hitler's social project: the theory of "degenerate art".
(tags: art nazis criticism )
Your kids will see internet porn. Deal with it
(tags: porn children society )
The Web’s Most Toxic Trolls Live in … Vermont?
(tags: troll usa maps )
There is no such thing as the true self, but it’s still a useful psychological concept
(tags: identity psychology )
Sperm Count in Western Men Has Dropped Over 50 Percent Since 1973
(tags: reproduction men )
Home Office used charity data map to deport rough sleepers
(tags: UK homelessness immigration )
Yoga and meditation improve mind-body health and stress resilience
(tags: stress meditation )
14 per cent of the variance in social skills comes from two genes
(tags: genetics social sociability )
Greetings from Liverpool, where one of the world's greatest ever bands have sort of reformed
(tags: music klf )
"I've got questions about the Rainbow Cinematic Universe"
(tags: children tv funny )
People worry far too much about the Eclipse
(tags: sun eyes )
"My Personal Feminism"
(tags: feminism )
The great free speech online debate
(tags: freespeech )
Noel Edmonds new TV show is "the worst idea in the world, stretched out for all eternity"
(tags: tv review )
Game of Thrones theory: what does the Night King really want?
(tags: gameofthrones )
Unable to get a domain, racist Daily Stormer retreats to the Dark Web
(tags: web censorship nazis )
Driver’s license facial recognition tech leads to 4,000 New York arrests
(tags: crime faces identity usa )
Branch Prediction - how computer processors guess what they're going to do next
(tags: processor computer Technology )
Inside a super fast CSS engine
(tags: firefox web performance )

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