July 18th, 2017


Interesting Links for 18-07-2017

A List Of Times Doctor Who Was Ruined Forever
(tags: drwho funny )
Scientists marvel at creatures' precise body clock
(tags: time genes life )
Taiwan woman divorces husband who ignored her messages
(tags: communication relationships divorce marriage )
Is Love Racist? The TV show laying our biases bare
(tags: love relationships viaSwampers race uk )
Custos startup uses bitcoin bounties to make pirates rat on one another
(tags: piracy copyright bitcoin )
UK students should not try to pay off loans early
(tags: tax students uk )
Pay-per-mile road tax plan wins £250,000 Wolfson economics prize
(tags: tax cars transport economics viaSwampers )
Humans hardwired to lean to the right while kissing the world over
(tags: psychology romance kissing )
Manchester’s bike-share scheme isn't working – because people don't know how to share
(tags: sharing society bicycles UK manchester )
Flow battery developer ViZn Energy says it can pair solar and storage for 4¢/kWh
(tags: solarpower batteries electricity )
Generating random English place names
(tags: geography names AI England )
Doctor Who: We regret to inform you that you are still legally a man
(tags: drwho law lgbt transgender uk )
“Board game of the year” goes to Kingdomino (my copy arrives today!)
(tags: games )
A brain implant turns “loser” mice into aggressive fighters
(tags: mice brain aggression personality cyborg )
Programmers discuss "What's the worst thing your code has done?"
(tags: fail programming )
Smoking in the UK now down to 15%, government aims for 12%
(tags: smoking uk )
Advertising watchdog to get tough on gender stereotypes
(tags: advertising stereotypes gender uk )

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