July 17th, 2017


Interesting Links for 17-07-2017

46 House Republicans join Democrats in backing a study on climate-change
(tags: politics usa globalwarming GoodNews )
The Star Wars: The Last Jedi behind-the-scenes video is awesome
(tags: movies StarWars video )
The first shiver-inducing trailer for A Wrinkle in Time is here
(tags: movies books video trailer )
The stinkpipes of London
(tags: london waste design history viaFanf )
Embarrassing Moments People Didn’t Realize Who They’re Talking To And Made A Fool Out Of Themselves
(tags: funny )
Governments have to invest in the fourth industrial revolution
(tags: government investment business )
Outrage over Orange hall Halloween partygoers dressed as Hitler and a dead Pope
(tags: bigotry NorthernIreland OhForFucksSake )
Doctor Who Creator Sydney Newman Had Plans for a Female Doctor
(tags: drwho history )
Why isn’t Conan a Mary Sue?
(tags: writing fantasy )
Here's What Getting Spanked as a Kid Did to Your Personality
(tags: abuse children violence psychology personality )
The Black Person’s Guide to Game of Thrones
(tags: race gameofthrones funny )
China mall introduces 'husband storage' pods for shopping wives
The question being - what kind of shopping? If it's "useful shopping for the family" then why aren't men doing their bit? But on the other hand, if it's shopping for fun, then leaving the people who don't enjoy it at home makes sense.
(tags: gender shopping china )
UK plans age verification for porn websites from 2018
(tags: porn uk age regulation )
The State of Developer Ecosystem 2017
(tags: software development )
Disney is opening an immersive Star Wars Hotel where each guest gets a storyline
(tags: larp StarWars Disney holidays )
It’s not just lack of sleep: why pupils with an “owl” chronotype get lower grades
(tags: sleep time Education learning children )
If Women Wrote Men the Way Men Write Women
(tags: writing gender )
Six Degrees Of Sephora (there's definitely a party game here somewhere)
(tags: language funny )

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