July 4th, 2017


Interesting Links for 04-07-2017

Theresa May accused of suppressing report into deaths in police custody
(tags: politics Conservatives police death uk )
Google DeepMind NHS medical trial broke UK privacy law
(tags: privacy google healthcare research )
What Killed Single-Payer In California?
(tags: healthcare california usa )
Self-driving car timeline for 11 top automakers
(tags: thefuture cars automation )
China tears up promises to UK and shows the world who is in charge
(tags: China uk )
Britain plays its hand amateurishly in Brexit poker
(tags: UK europe )
What is happening to the gulls?
(tags: birds )
Archaeologists uncover Tenochtitlan’s legendary tower of skulls
(tags: death history )
A little insight into what it's like being a journalist in 2017 and why Trump's rhetoric is incredibly dangerous
(tags: politics journalism usa OhForFucksSake )
Israel seizes solar panels donated to Palestinians by Dutch government
(tags: Israel palestine OhForFucksSake )
Millennials can destroy anything
(tags: funny society satire )
The Asian stars of 'Hawaii Five-0' quit the show after CBS refused to pay them as much as their white costars
(tags: racism money tv )
From Creepy Comments to Sexual Assault - shedding light on some of the behaviour in Silicon Valley
(tags: abuse sex Technology work )
Theresa May pleads for Lib Dem votes to help her weakened government on NHS rescue plan
(tags: nhs libdem Conservatives )
Anarchist Surprisingly Strict About Board Game Rules
(tags: society games rules satire funny )
England's Chief medical officer calls for gene testing revolution
(tags: uk genetics healthcare )

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