June 30th, 2017


Interesting Links for 30-06-2017

'EU pension' planned for people who move between countries
(tags: pensions europe )
UK in credit splurge as pay is squeezed (unsecured debt up 10%, spending power down 2%)
So, how long until the country collapses into oblivion as people frantically try and keep their lifestyles propped up despite the economy falling apart?
(tags: debt uk )
John Bercow: MPs don't need to wear ties
(tags: clothing parliament uk )
This is how sperm whales sleep
(tags: whales sleep viaSwampers )
Government U-turns on NHS abortions for Northern Ireland women
I am not looking forward to multiple years of whiplash from the government. (I am glad that this has gone through though)
(tags: abortion government uk nhs )
Buy-to-let UK property sales fall by almost 50% in a year
(tags: uk housing )
The curse of the pseudo-data: How Rotten Tomatoes is Deciding What Movies You Don't See
(tags: movies reviews data )
When whimsical wildlife photography isn't what it seems
(tags: photography animals wildlife )
David Goyer and Josh Friedman adapting Isaac Asimov's Foundation for TV
Probably won't get made. If it does then will probably be terrible.
(tags: tv asimov )
Jeremy Corbyn sacks Labour shadow ministers for voting against Brexit
(tags: Europe UK labour politics )
Female first-year students earn a higher grade when paired with at least one other female for group projects
(tags: women Education )
The German and British children who became post-war friends
(tags: children Germany uk wwii history friendship )
German parliament votes to legalise same sex marriage
(tags: lgbt marriage Germany )
Ways In Which Programming Is Like Sex
(tags: programming sex funny )
Soon after giving birth, mothers typically experience a self-esteem dip lasting at least three years
(tags: motherhood self-esteem psychology mother )
Game of Thrones' Most Beloved Relationship Was Totally Improvised
(tags: relationships gameofthrones )
Trailer for Rick and Morty season 3, streaming from July 30th
(tags: animation trailer awesome excellent )
How do you cut a monolith in half? (musings on distributed systems)
(tags: architecture programming network )
"Hidden rules that everybody knows" is not a useful mental model of how people act
(tags: society groups psychology rules )
Germany votes for 50m euro social media fines
(tags: germany censorship )

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