June 15th, 2017


Interesting Links for 15-06-2017

Theresa May says not to worry DUP's views on 'LGB…what's the rest?' (not satire!)
(tags: lgbt Conservatives OhForFucksSake )
A Merriam-Webster lexicographer reveals how words are added to the dictionary
(tags: language dictionary video )
Last year the Grenfell Action Group were pointing out that their tower block was unsafe...
(tags: fire safety OhForFucksSake )
Some Of The Oldest Color Photos Showing What The World Looked Like 100 Years Ago
(tags: history photos colour )
Google AI used to vet New York Times comments
(tags: comments ai abuse language )
Edinburgh Trams scores highly in light rail survey
(tags: edinburgh trams )
Pirate Bay may finally be sunk after EU copyright ruling
(tags: piracy copyright )
An amazing story, and advice on how to deal with awful people on the internet
(tags: business advice twitter autism )
Never Bathe or Shower in a Thunderstorm
(tags: electricity death lightning baths )
Sony continues to lock PS4 players out of cross-platform play
(tags: sony playstation gaming )
Inside the pitch meeting for The Mummy
(tags: funny movies fail review )
Konami treat their former employees appallingly
(tags: business gaming Japan OhForFucksSake )
These maps reveal the hidden structures of ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ books
(tags: Choice FreeWill books visualisation maps )
A really simple visualisation of how poverty has been decreasing over time.
(tags: poverty GoodNews visualisation )
Alpha (A translation of Genesis 1 using only words beginning with A)
(tags: language religion christianity )
Robert Maltby on the murder of his girlfriend Sophie Lancaster: ‘The goth thing was an oversimplification'
(tags: UK violence murder goth )
What is London’s euro clearing market and why is Brussels worried?
(tags: europe uk money euro )
I'm taking part in "A Walk to Remember 2017" to raise money for a hospice. If you can sponsor me, I'd appreciate it.
(tags: charity money death )

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