June 12th, 2017


Election Time Again?

On Thursday, after I voted, I said on Facebook:
I've voted in this week's election.
I assume we get a referendum next week.
And another election the Tuesday after.
I thought I was being ridiculous. It turns out the world is more ridiculous than I.

Labour are currently showing as 5% ahead of the Conservatives in a poll taken after the election, with Theresa May seen as a liability (48% want her to stand down, vs 38% wanting her to stay). Making deals with the DUP is not going to make them look any better, and frankly I'm not seeing how they get to look any less shambolic in the near future. Hell, you wait until Brexit negotiations kick off, and she has to start making people unhappy with some actual decisions. That's if she survives a meeting with her backbenchers today.

And, of course, all of the people who could replace her are...staggeringly unpopular:

The only person there with a positive outcome is Ruth Davidson. Who is largely unknown (second lowest overall numbers) and crucially - not an MP, so can't be the UK Conservative Leader*. And even if she was, presumably couldn't be Prime Minister**.

Still! In the meantime, the Conservatives have more votes than all of the plausibly-progressive parties put together (317 vs 314). And with the DUP adding 10 onto that, they aren't going anywhere unless they want to. And unless they can't govern, they aren't going to want to.

So, the question is - what can you do to make a difference?

My suggestion would be that if you're in an area with a Conservative MP you write to them and protest about the DUP. Tell them that you won't put up with any movement on women's rights, or LGBT rights. The Conservatives are worried about this, and it's something that can be pushed on hard. Here's an example of one Conservative MP who's received hundreds of letters, and is making it clear she's not going to go full-DUP.

Keep talking to anyone you know who voted Conservative. Let _them_ know that you think that what May is doing is forming a coalition of chaos. There were a lot of very close elections, and every inch the needle is moved between now and the next election helps.

*Anyone who knows the Conservative Constitution care to make a guess at how easy it would be for them to change that?
**It wouldn't surprise me to know that it was theoretically legal for a non-MP to be Prime Minister, what with our constitutional vagueness. But I don't think that any party would even attempt to pull that off. Hasn't happened since 1902, when it was a Lord.

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