June 6th, 2017


Interesting Links for 06-06-2017

Finally, definitive proof of whether or not there are aliens
(tags: aliens comic satire politics )
IBM unveils world’s first 5nm chip
(tags: processor cpu ibm Technology computers )
Queensferry Crossing builders set to lose £100 million in penalties for finishing project late
(tags: construction money fail scotland )
UK schoolchildren attempting suicide to qualify for mental health treatment
(tags: suicide mentalhealth uk OhForFucksSake )
I just hate-read this article on rich people making terrible property decisions.
Will someone please fix the housing crisis that now seems to plague many parts of the world? Possibly by building a lot more housing?
(tags: housing privilege money canada )
Why we don't need more anti terrorism laws
(tags: law terrorism UK )
UK workers have had the worst wage peformance in the OECD except Greece
(tags: uk wages money fail )
Meet Poe's Law, the bigot's shield for being bigoted on the internet
(tags: racism sexism internet satire )
Martin Scorsese on the power of film-making as an art form
(tags: art film movies )
The Brexit no-one wanted
(tags: UK Europe politics )
Millions of dollars of almonds, walnuts, and pistachios are being stolen in California
(tags: USA for theft crime )
Over 100 economists sign a letter backing Labour's economic plans
(tags: economics labour politics uk )
How do you get over losing your dream job as an MP?
(tags: politics jobs )
After 17 Years, Terry Gilliam has finally finished shooting his Don Quixote movie.
(tags: TerryGilliam movies time )

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