May 31st, 2017


Interesting Links for 31-05-2017

One Man's Quest to Make 20-Year-Old Rum in Just Six Days
(tags: alcohol technology light )
Why do pedants pedant?
So much glorious trolling in this article. I literally exploded with joy.
(tags: personality psychology grammar funny )
Women win Glasgow City Council equal pay fight
What on earth were Labour doing defending pay discrimination?
(tags: glasgow labour money women )
Patronising English arseholes wondering why Scotland might want independence
(tags: independence scotland uk satire true )
White Male Terrorists Are an Issue We Should Discuss
(tags: terrorism racism usa )
The atomic bomb considered as a Hungarian high school science fair project.
(tags: hungary Jews genetics Intelligence history )
The Unflinching, Unfinished Battle Royale That’s Entrancing Gamers
(tags: games violence )
Phthalates may impair thyroid in young girls
(tags: phthalates children girls )
Diabetes linked to bacteria invading the colon
(tags: microbiome diabetes )
Theresa May 'worships' with pastor who campaigned against gay equality and same-sex marriage
(tags: lgbt religion Conservatives )
A kids' cartoon led to invasive raccoons in Japan
(tags: animals cute raccoon japan anime )
Electric Cars Will Cost Less Than Petrol Card By 2025
(tags: cars transport electricity )
Conservatives used false data to justify grammar school plans
(tags: schools Conservatives fraud )
What went wrong in the British Airways data centre? (a rumour round up)
(tags: Technology epicfail airlines uk )
What the last Nuremberg prosecutor alive wants the world to know
(tags: Holocaust history genocide war )

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