May 9th, 2017


Interesting Links for 09-05-2017

Progressive alliance: Greens, Labour and Liberal Democrats unite to take down Jeremy Hunt
(tags: politics uk GoodNews )
Green Party complain to BBC about disproportionate coverage of UKIP following local elections
(tags: politics uk bias bbc )
Full Scottish council election results published
(tags: scotland elections voting )
The Etiquette of the Victorian Ballroom: Twenty Tips for Single Gentlemen
(tags: advice uk ettiquette history )
"I Got Drunk With The Funeral Industry To Find Out What Happens When We Die"
(tags: death viaSwampers society )
A nice simple explanation of why the UK won't be able to escape European Law
(tags: law europe uk )
There is nothing cute about innumeracy
(tags: numbers society )
Yoga helps with depression - after a few months
(tags: depression yoga )
Anyone care to offer a counterpoint to this assessment of the SNP's competence?
(tags: snp scotland government )
Saudi king orders that women no longer need man’s permission to travel or study
Still a terrible place for women to live. But now slightly less terrible.
(tags: saudiarabia women GoodNews religion )
New studies suggest everything we thought we knew about salt could be completely wrong
(tags: food biology salt )
Is it me, or is the Conservative's approach to the energy cap actually pretty reasonable?
Deferring to Ofgem (the energy regulator) actually seems like the right approach to me. Am I missing something?
(tags: energy regulation Conservatives )

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