March 16th, 2017


Interesting Links for 16-03-2017

Scientists need money so they’re yelling on Twitter
(tags: ViaDrCross research twitter funny )
Brexit: Government has done no economic assessment of the UK crashing out of EU without deal
(tags: uk europe economy OhForFucksSake epicfail government )
Surprise pig is surprising
(tags: pigs cute ViaDrCross )
Petition · Westminster: Indyref2 to be decided with trial by combat. Sturgeon V May.
(tags: funny petition independence scotland viaJohnBobShaun )
The Brexit bucket list: what to do before you leave the EU
(tags: europe uk )
The Oxford comma: A Maine court settled the grammar debate over serial commas with a ruling on overtime pay for dairy-truck drivers
(tags: grammar punctuation oxford law )
Why They Changed the Original Rogue One Ending
(tags: StarWars movies )
CMON Announce A Song Of Ice And Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game!
(tags: gameofthrones games )
Marine A's colleagues 'wanted Afghan insurgent dead'
(tags: death war afghanistan law uk military )
Seven Ways to Win a Second Indy Referendum
(tags: independence referendum scotland advice )
Genetic variant accelerates normal brain aging in older people by up to 12 years
(tags: age brain genetics )
The new American Gods trailer looks awesome
(tags: trailer tv myths neilgaiman )
The genes, neural circuits behind autism's impaired sociability
(tags: social psychology autism genetics )
Female sexual desire is WEIRD and CONFUSING
(tags: women sex psychology viaJennieRigg )
Cold Does Not Increase Odds of Catching Cold
(tags: cold colds disease myths )
The SPRITE and the Carthorse: How to automate research fraud - now with carrots!
(tags: food fraud research viaDrCross )
Unsealed documents show Monsanto ghost wrote research papers on RoundUp
(tags: research fraud business )
How a "command & control" approach produces famine and cities nobody wants to live in
(tags: cities liberal architecture design agriculture history )
Four things to note about record electoral fine against Conservative Party
(tags: Conservatives elections )
Clean Energy Could Spark a Trade War Between the US and China
(tags: renewables energy usa china Technology research )

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