March 2nd, 2017


Interesting Links for 02-03-2017

Sex education to be made compulsory in all schools in England
(tags: sex Education uk )
Tactical voting not big issue in Holyrood's 2016 election
(tags: voting scotland )
Trump’s Speech Was Quiet — And Quietly Radical
(tags: politics usa economics healthcare immigration )
Alien: Covenant Set Visit Report from the Filming in Australia
(tags: alien movies RidleyScott )
NASA Asks Twitter Users To Name Those Newly Discovered Planets. The Inevitable Happens.
(tags: names space funny viaSwampers )
Edinbugh's Leith Street to be shut for 44 weeks in 2017/2018
That's my route into work, that is.
(tags: edinburgh transport )
Lost Edinburgh: Comparing then and now
(tags: photos history edinburgh )
Our Universe is too vast for even the most imaginative sci-fi
(tags: space scifi writing viaSwampers )
Anarchist Monopoly is the best Monopoly
(tags: games politics economics comic funny )
Corbyn actively works with May to force through hard Brexit
(tags: uk europe labour OhForFucksSake )
Intestinal bacteria alter gut and brain function
(tags: anxiety microbiome faeces )
After Brexit: Jean-Claude Juncker sets five paths for EU's future
(tags: europe thefuture )
Scottish nationalism and British nationalism aren’t the same
(tags: nationalism scotland uk politics )
Over half of new-build homes in England have major faults
(tags: housing uk OhForFucksSake )
Lithium-Ion Battery Inventor Introduces Fast-Charging, Noncombustible Batteries (with three times the capacity)
But aimed, from the description, at cars rather than phones. When a phone that lasted three days would get _all_ of my money.
(tags: batteries )
Police are writing off crimes because they are so overstretched, damning report reveals
(tags: police uk austerity )
Theresa May's welfare cuts will drive another million children into poverty, Institute for Fiscal Studies forecasts
(tags: austerity poverty children Conservatives uk )
Journalists publicly mock Emma Watson’s breasts – therefore proving her point about feminism
(tags: feminism breasts journalism OhForFucksSake )

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