February 16th, 2017


Interesting Links for 16-02-2017

Google’s not-so-secret new OS
(tags: google operatingsystems android chrome computers )
The 26-year Valentine Burger tradition
(tags: valentines_day food usa )
Scientists might be allowed to make genetically modify humans, changing DNA to avoid diseases
(tags: genetics health )
Harrods to Launch Luxury Water Made From Icebergs
(tags: water arctic )
The movie that brought together James Cameron, James Horner, John Sayles, and the director of The Snowman
Plus George Peppard, Robert Vaughn, Samme Jaffe, and Richard Thomas
(tags: movies jamescameron )
How do you get a robot hive-mind to talk to itself?
(tags: robots communication )
Contracts signed to build the first electricity link between UK and Norway
(tags: uk norway power viaDanielDWilliam )
Five Things Polls Can Tell Us About How Scotland Feels About Independence After The Brexit Vote
(tags: independence scotland uk europe polls )
"I found out this year that I actually know someone who is basically a neo-Nazi. This is someone I used to work for, whose kids I adore."
(tags: nazis usa )
Planet Launches Satellite Constellation to Image the Whole Planet Daily
(tags: space photography earth Technology )
UK tabloid reports of sexual assault by refugees in Frankfurt were completely made up
(tags: germany uk media immigration lies )
Hundreds of companies failing to pay minimum wage
(tags: minimumwage uk law crime )
I had no idea Winston Churchill wrote about popular science
(tags: science history )
Autism detectable in brain long before symptoms appear
(tags: autism neuroscience )
San Diego Police Targets African American Children for Unlawful DNA Collection
(tags: racism dna police usa )
Scientists take aim at obesity-linked protein
(tags: obesity protein )
People can suppress hay fever with three years of pollen pills or injections
(tags: allergies )
Ronald D. Moore's Philip K. Dick anthology series picked up at Amazon
(tags: scifi philipkdick )
Depression symptoms among men when their partners are pregnant
(tags: depression men children )
Announcing: Judge Dredd & The Worlds of 2000AD Roleplaying Game
(tags: 2000AD roleplaying )

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