February 4th, 2017


Interesting Links for 04-02-2017

Watch How Terrifyingly Bad Car Safety Was Just 20 Years Ago
(tags: safety cars history )
BREXIT: Frictionless border with Ireland impossible
(tags: europe ireland uk )
Microsoft announces GVFS (Git Virtual File System)
(tags: microsoft git )
So, how long until we're at war with Iran?
(tags: iran usa war OhForFucksSake )
House pulls back rule to keep guns from severely mentally ill
(tags: mentalhealth guns usa law republicans )
Amazon soars to more than 341K employees, adding 110K people in a single year
So, how much cheaper will robots have to get to replace them?
(tags: amazon work )
Weak and Incompetent Leaders act like Strong Leaders
(tags: leadership politics usa )
How could we do it? How could we elect Dr Robotnik?
(tags: games politics comic )
This is me and Jane when it comes to horror. (I'm in yellow, she's in blue)
(tags: horror games comic )
Canadian petition to revoke the designation of the USA as a Safe Third Country for refugees
(tags: petition canada usa refugee viaTheWeaselKing )
I've never seen a photo of the moon quite like this!
(tags: photo moon )
Vegetable shortage: How to cope as supermarkets ration lettuces
(tags: food climatechange uk vegetables salad )
UK rail companies to undergo most radical overhaul of train fares for more than 30 years.
(tags: trains transport uk viaFanf )
New Law Lets Arkansas Dads Veto Abortions
(tags: usa abortion OhForFucksSake )
The Multiverse Explained
(tags: physics quantum funny comic )
Trump Executive Order Generator
(tags: politics satire funny )

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