January 12th, 2017


Interesting Links for 12-01-2017

Come back when he shags a dead pig, says jaded Britain
(tags: sex usa UK politics funny )
A climate scientists answeres questions about the large slab of ice breaking off an Antarctic glacier
(tags: antarctic snow globalwarming )
America’s Fastest-Growing Loans Has Echoes of Subprime Crisis
(tags: loans economics OhForFucksSake )
Each year, half a million horseshoe crabs are captured and bled alive to create an unparalleled biomedical technology.
(tags: crabs medicine ocean )
'It's a financial cliff edge': how Britain fell back in love with credit cards
(tags: credit debt uk )
Librarians in Florida went rogue to save 2,361 books from an algorithm
(tags: books library fraud )
Superhero culture magnifies aggressive, not defending behaviors
(tags: superheroes aggression children behaviour psychology )
10 Discworld Quotes You'll Desperately Need for the Next Four Years 
(tags: pratchett quotes )
Quick brown fox jumps over lazy dog
(tags: fox dogs )
Tidal lagoon: £1.3bn Swansea Bay project to be backed
(tags: power ocean wales uk )
Are WiFi users a boon or bane of coffee shops?
(tags: work wifi coffee shopping )
Spinning spider silk is now possible
(tags: spiders Technology )
Stop treating life as a series of moral parables
(tags: life statistics predictions advice )
Africa is witnessing birth of a new ocean
(tags: africa ocean )
'Puppy talk' - why do we use it and do dogs respond?
(tags: dogs language speech viaSwampers )
Taiwan's smog-eating twisting tower
(tags: taiwan architecture pollution )
Conservatives prefer nouns, liberals prefer adjectives
(tags: language politics )
Some interesting diet research. Anyone know anything more about this?
(tags: diet health )
Playful people are at an advantage
(tags: psychology )
Our senses can't learn under stress
(tags: stress learning )

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