October 6th, 2016


Interesting Links for 06-10-2016

Failed replication shows literary fiction doesn't boost social cognition
(tags: writing psychology fiction )
Exercise releases hormone that helps shed, prevent fat
(tags: exercise hormones fat weight )
Cannabis users are less aware of their mistakes, and not good at creative thinking
(tags: marijuana drugs creativity mistakes )
Police use-of-force data is finally coming to light
(tags: usa police data violence )
It feels as though we learn better via our preferred learning style, but we don’t
(tags: learning psychology )
Is globalization bad for the global poor? This study ran an experiment to find out.
(tags: globalization research economics )
Big decision ahead? Just roll the dice
(tags: decisions advice )
Squad devs blast Kerbal Space Program studio for high crunch and low pay
(tags: games pay business OhForFucksSake )
The post-truth future is departing ever further from reality
(tags: russia politics lies propaganda usa viaPatrickHadfield )
When the eye of a hurricane goes directly over a weather buoy
(tags: )
Thailand's "Failed" Drug Policy Is Full Of Lessons For The Philippines
(tags: politics drugs )
The 13 things making me very angry right now
(tags: politics uk )
11 Ideas Philosophers REFUSE To Take Seriously (#8 is my favorite)
(tags: lists funny philosophy satire feminism )
What is the Conservative Party actually for?
(tags: Conservatives politics uk )
RBS, NatWest and SEB banks employ virtual staff
(tags: automation customerservice banking )
'Great Pacific Garbage Patch' worse than expected
(tags: ocean waste )
Pleasant family leisure at home may satisfy families more than fun together elsewhere
(tags: family psychology relationships )
Being kind to others does make you slightly happier
(tags: psychology happiness )
Understanding of norms: Children overeagerly seeking social rules
(tags: society rules children psychology )
Replacing the Sacred, Spherical Cows of Physics
(tags: physics )

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