September 30th, 2016


Interesting Links for 30-09-2016

Sadiq Khan confirms plans for 'London work permits' to stop post-Brexit exodus
Someone should definitely tell Nicola Sturgeon.
(tags: london immigration uk europe )
German minister offers to fly to London and explain Europe to him
(tags: europe politics uk funny )
Congress rejects Obama veto, Saudi September 11 bill becomes law
(tags: usa saudiarabia obama )
No Man's Sky investigated over misleading adverts
(tags: advertising fraud uk games )
Do you know your Trotskyists from your anarcho-syndicalists?
(tags: politics names history )
On Being Surprised Three Time By Energy Markets in One Week
(tags: energy renewables )
Civilization VI Brings The Series Back To Its Best
(tags: games review )
J.J. Abrams: A Portal Movie Announcement is Coming Soon
(tags: movies games )
Curious molecule that makes mice smart sets off a whirlwind
(tags: Intelligence brains mice )
Shares on sale for Edinburgh solar project
(tags: solarpower edinburgh viaDanieldDWilliam )
Helsinki CompuCafe video from 1995 (The first internet cafe!)
(tags: internet history video )
If you're in Edinburgh and would like to help out at Samhain (and have a great view) then we need you...
(tags: performance edinburgh )
How do you feel when politicians criticise your employer?
(tags: work politics )
Assad, Appeasement, Aleppo and the Collapse of International Law
(tags: syria epicfail )
Tax authorities in Denmark buy ′Panama Papers′ evidence
(tags: tax denmark )
Government plans to tell people where to buy huge delicious desserts
(tags: food government wtf )
How Much More Can We Learn About the Universe?
(tags: knowledge philosophy physics space )
Scientists Trace Society's Myths to Primordial Origins
(tags: myths stories history prehistory culture )

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