August 22nd, 2016


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In which it turns out to _always_ be worth checking

I got an email notification from LJ telling me that someone had unfriended me.

Who I've "known" for many years, but only met a couple of times. And I thought "Maybe they got bored of me. Or X, who we have in common, finally told them about that thing that I did. Or I offended him with my interminal posts about Jeremy Corbyn." And I got very nervous, and conflict averse, and considered leaving it there.

And then I stopped acting like an idiot, and messaged him. And it turned out that something weird and magical had happened with technology. As happens with technology fairly frequently. Particularly Livejournal. And he emailed me to tell me that everything was fine.

Which makes me very glad that I didn't just slink off into the night. Because I'd much rather risk having someone tell me "Yes, I did unfriend you, because you're an annoying arse." than lose someone who does think of me as a friend because of a glitch.

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