August 12th, 2016


I do not like travelling alone

I'm a pack animal, raised with two brothers, and used to doing most things with other people. I prefer watching TV with others, because it doesn't feel the same laughing (or being frightened, or whatever) by myself. I enjoy going to the movies, but I enjoy the conversation about it afterwards almost as much. Even largely solitary activities, like reading or coding, are improved by company, and having someone I can occasionally excchange a few words with. I'm frankly not a homeworker, preferring to be in the office where there are others to sympathise with in person.

Travelling magnifies this. I do not like completely unfamilliar places, or situations where things can go easily wrong. Travelling as a pair meant that if something went wrong then we had backup possibilities if anything went missing/wrong. Now, the chances of anything going badly wrong while wandering around the south of England is very slim, but my natural nervousness is really not comfortable with me being in strange places without someone to run plans past, back me up, and generally be supportive at/with me.

Oh - which reminds me. I'm off travelling around the South of England for a lomg week.
Today->Sunday - parents in Devon
Monday - Ed in Brighton
Tuesday - Phil, Virginia, and Frankie in London
Wednesday - Sana in Oxford
Thursday - Back to London (no particular plans, if anyone wants to hijack me)
Friday - Mike and Helen in Guildford (datime likely to be free if anyone has suggestions)
Saturday - Mike and Flick in Canterbury
Sunday - fly back to Scotland. Turn 44

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