July 25th, 2016


Interesting Links for 25-07-2016

The great British pensions cock-up
(tags: pensions uk viaDanielDWilliam )
This is why people hate Congress: politics stymies fight against Zika virus
(tags: politics disease OhForFucksSake )
The Kiling Joke - Movie Review
(tags: movies review OhForFucksSake batman )
We used to think that lichens were alliances between two organisms, turns out there are three.
(tags: life biology nature )
Conspiracy theorists finally convinced no secret society could possibly be running this mess
(tags: conspiracy politics satire funny )
Donald Trump’s Ghostwriter Tells All
(tags: politics business usa )
How archaeologists found the lost medieval megacity of Angkor
(tags: archaeology )
Why American's Can’t Actually Parent Like a French Mom
(tags: parenting usa france government )
What an EU Referendum should have looked like
(tags: europe politics )
Why has Scotland risen above the anti-immigrant mood that fuelled the Brexit vote?
(tags: europe uk scotland )
GE Canada are looking for a PDP-11 programmer. To last them through 2050...
(tags: nuclearpower computers history EpicWTF Technology canada )
Is the time right for Indyref2?
(tags: scotland independence )
You can increase your intelligence: 5 ways to maximize your cognitive potential
(tags: Intelligence development )
What's the truth about casual sex?
(tags: sex relationships )
The Scottish farmer and the Nazi bomb
(tags: wwii scotland farming funny history )
Audio-Only Porn Is Putting the Mystery into Masturbation
(tags: porn sound )
The FarmBot Genesis Brings Precision Agriculture to Your Own Backyard
Not as efficient as mass agriculture, of course. But still pretty cool.
(tags: Technology farming food )
Study finds Disney Princess culture magnifies stereotypes in young girls
(tags: girls Disney stereotypes society women )
Central bank digital currency: the end of monetary policy as we know it?
(tags: banking Technology currency )
No, autistic people do not have a "broken" mirror neuron system
(tags: autism neurons psychology )

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