July 12th, 2016


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Flatopocalypse Five: WaterBed

So, about six years after we discovered rot in one of the front rooms, five years after we discovered that they'd done a rubbish job cleaning it up and it had spread to the other front room, a year and a half after I had to get the kitchen fitted twice because the first lot had done it all wrong, and three months after I set fire to the kitchen meaning that it had to be fitted for a third time...I arrived home to discover that there were water splashes on the top of my laptop.

And that the duvet it was lying on, in the middle of my bed was soaked. And that the light fixture that was directly above it, which I had just turned on in order to see in my bedroom in the first place, had water dripping from it.

One quick dash upstairs had a _very_ confused joiner joining me to stare at the ceiling. Because although he's been working on the flat upstairs for a week he hasn't touched any water pipes in days. And there were, he thought, no water pipes above my bedroom.

So he spent fifteen minutes pulling up every floorboard anywhere near the spot directly above my bed, and eventually found a very old pipe going from the old (disabled) water heater in the cupboard, underneath a wall, and into the kitchen. Which clearly hadn't been touched in years, but had decided to spring a leak at a joint (presumably from all the shaking caused by the woodwork going on) and verrrrry slooooooowly leak until the floor was soaked through and then leak into my bedroom.

He's now entirely turned off anything that might be even remotely connected to that pipe, put the bit with the leak in it over a bucket, and a proper plumber is coming out ay midday tomorrow to sort it permanently.

And my lovely sister-in-law has offered me a bed to sleep in. As mine is a tad moist.

If there's a lesson here it's "Fuck me, living in a block of flats is a pain in the bum." Because of the three I've owned _all_ of them have, at one point or another, had water leak through from the flat above, or leaked through onto the flat below.

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