July 5th, 2016


Interesting Links for 05-07-2016

Why Scotland is different
(tags: politics scotland )
Leadership fight puts fortunes of Scots Tories on a knife edge
(tags: Conservatives scotland )
If the next election was "Leave" vs "Remain" then Leave would win by 421 seats to 229.
Yay for FPTP!
(tags: politics voting uk europe )
Referendum panic causes 5% drop in property fund valuations, some funds to suspend trading
(tags: property uk europe )
I am still not convinced I would enjoy Skyrim
(tags: games review )
Newsflash: "Follow your dreams" is still the worst advice ever
(tags: advice life )
The latest Labour leadership polling
(tags: labour politics polls )
British Social Attitudes Towards Politics - the latest figures
(tags: politics voting reform uk demographics )
Fascinating polling on people's opinions about Brexit, elections, and immigration
(tags: politics europe uk elections )
Tories divided over guarantee that EU citizens will not be deported
(tags: europe uk Conservatives )
Study investigates whether it is safe for GPs to prescribe fewer antibiotics
(tags: antibiotics health safety )
Stephen Crabb: Gay cure lie 'spread by opponents' (Anyone got a direct quote/footage?)
(tags: lgbt Conservatives )
Christian Mingle must let LGBT singles use dating site after losing court battle
(tags: religion christianity dating lgbt )
Venezuela Refuses to Default. Few People Seem to Understand Why.
(tags: venezuela economics epicfail )
Students of today are more afraid of growing up than in previous generations
(tags: age students psychology fear )
Let’s make sure the numbers are right when indyref2 comes
(tags: scotland independence referendum currency )
Meal portion guide reveals 80% of parents overfeed their children
(tags: children food )

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