June 22nd, 2016


Interesting Links for 22-06-2016

Less than a quarter of people buy CDs, and most of those are over 40
(tags: music Technology streaming uk )
A report on e-voting in Estonia shows how dangerous the whole idea is
(tags: Technology security voting )
Is the EU really run by unelected bureaucrats?
(tags: europe democracy )
Krugman on Brexit
(tags: economics europe uk referendum )
Pumping bike tires up doesn't make them go faster
(tags: bicycles viaFanf research )
The Warcraft movie: one of the most successful stinkers of all time
(tags: WarCraft WorldOfWarcraft movies money china )
Insulin-sensitive fat leads to obesity
(tags: obesity fat insulin genetics )
How to get upgraded from "Schroedinger's Rapist" to "Probably Rapist"
(tags: rape consent men )
Not the Nine O'Clock News sums up the reactions to the death of Jo Cox
(tags: viaJennieRigg death politics funny video )
When two people from Northern Ireland meet, the conversation goes a little like this...
(tags: comic NorthernIreland funny )
Fairyography does photoshoots where little girls dress as fairies. Here she does big beardy men instead...
(tags: beards funny photography viaElfy )
The Problem of Susan
(tags: narnia )
There is now really no excuse for not using two-factor authentication on your Google account.
(tags: google security )
For men, the importance of safe sex depends on how hot their partner is
(tags: beauty sex safety men OhForFucksSake )
England has one of the world's highest rates of tornadoes, relative to its size
(tags: uk england wind )
What's the EU doing about intra-country tax-avoidance?
(tags: tax europe )
Watch A Japanese Dance Troupe Perform With Drones
(tags: drone dance video )

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