June 16th, 2016


Interesting Links for 16-06-2016

Remain And Leave Campaign Boats Are Engaged In Low-Level Naval Warfare On The Thames
(tags: london uk europe referendum EpicWTF viaSwampers )
X-ray Experiments Show Hewlett Packard Team How Memristors Work
(tags: Technology computers )
Can Netflix Survive in the New World It Created?
(tags: tv streaming netflix business internet )
Gravitational waves announcement: Scientists hail ‘spectacular’ new detection of ripples in spacetime
(tags: physics space gravity science )
Twitter updates its block button to hide retweets on users' timelines
(tags: twitter abuse socialnetworking )
FactCheck: does immigration drive down wages?
(tags: immigration wages )
42% of Canadian jobs at high risk of being affected by automation
(tags: canada robots automation )
Study offers explanation for why women leave engineering (Spoilers: It's men treating them like non-engineers)
(tags: engineering women society )
Impact of antibiotic treatment, caesareans, breastfeeding on infant gut microbiome revealed
(tags: microbiome babies breastfeeding antibiotics )
On acknowledging the concerns of racists
(tags: racism immigration )
This is making me happy that I didn't see Batman vs not-actually-Superman
(tags: superman batman funny comic movies )
Killing Male Chicks Before They Hatch Is Hailed as a Major Moral Win
(tags: morality animals viaSwampers )
The $45B Chan Zuckerberg Initiative invests in African software developers
(tags: software africa charity facebook )

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