March 24th, 2016


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Bored. Tired. Fed up.

These things are probably interlinked. Insofar as I haven't been sleeping terribly well, and am thus tired. And this then tends to lead to me not having the energy to do much. And then to being fed up.

So I'm having a quiet evening in. Which would probably actually be more fun if I was less tired, as I'd feel enthusiastic about doing some cleaning, or tidying up, or even plugging my computer back together and getting it all working.

Also feeling somewhat lonely, as Erin has also been ill, and so hasn't managed to actually move herself in. And so am prodding people online, and distracting myself with Grant Morrison's "Nameless", a sci-fi horror comic which turns out to be not be much good. And writing this post.

I think I might be a bit burned out. And so having the evening off will probably be actively good for me, insofar that tomorrow will be a happier day because of it.

(I also still have a cold after a week, and so am coughing a lot. I suspect that's not helping.)

If you have any distracting videos, now would be a good time to leave them in the comments...

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