March 15th, 2016


Interesting Links for 15-03-2016

RBS replace 550 financial advisers with automated systems
First they came for the financial advisers, and I said nothing... (Okay, first they came for the assembly-line workers, but they weren't middle class, so it wasn't considered very important.)
(tags: automation advice finance )
How Gut Bacteria Are Shaking Up Cancer Research
(tags: cancer microbiome )
Porn users are more likely to be feminists
(tags: porn feminism )
The European weather forecast model already kicking America’s butt just improved
(tags: weather computers data )
Gender stereotypes are as strong as 30 years ago
(tags: gender stereotypes )
Would You Believe There Have Been Only 14 Playable Black Women in Gaming?
(tags: games race society women )
Justin Trudeau at gay pride. (He's enough to make me want to be Canadian)
(tags: canada lgbt liberal )
Xena Reboot Series to Turn Implied Homoerotic Undertones into Glorious Homoerotic Overtones
(tags: lgbt tv )
Democracy is in retreat
(tags: democracy politics )
Quietly, symbolically, US control of the internet was just ended
(tags: internet usa )
Transport in the North of England is massively underfunded, and needs a kick-start
(tags: transport uk )
Google's AlphaGo gets 'divine' Go ranking
(tags: games ai google )
SNP conference backs universal basic income for independent Scotland
(tags: GuaranteedIncome scotland independence snp )
Scottish Labour proposes transport smart card
(tags: transport scotland labour )
The window that can go opaque at the touch of a button
(tags: light Technology windows )

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