March 14th, 2016


Interesting Links for 14-03-2016

25 years on - There Are Stil Ten Parts in Terminator 2 That Make Absolutely No Sense
(tags: jamescameron movies )
UK Government cutting benefits for the disabled to give a tax break to the richest
(tags: money tax welfare Conservatives uk )
Renewable energy’s global growing pains (An awful lot is happening. But is it enough?)
(tags: renewables energy electricity world )
Official Center of the World, Felicity, California
(tags: wtf viaJamesNicoll )
In Comedy, Nothing Is Off Limits, but Political Correctness Does Make for Better Jokes
(tags: comedy video )
20% of reviews on Yelp are fake, and used to scam real businesses
(tags: review fraud OhForFucksSake )
If you're travelling into Glasgow Queen Street in the next 20 weeks then, well, you're not.
(tags: glasgow trains transport scotland )
Combining images using algorthimic pareidolia produces gorgeous results
(tags: art photographs ai beautiful )
Why the poor pay more for toilet paper — and just about everything else
See also:
(tags: poverty economics viaBartCalendar )
JPMorgan Algorithm Knows You’re a Rogue Employee Before You Do
(tags: work behaviour psychology fraud )
Obi-Wan Kenobi singing "I Will Survive" is clearly the best thing on the internet
(tags: StarWars funny comic song )
Less than half of America’s youth are straight, new survey finds
(tags: usa lgbt )
The First Image Ever of a Hydrogen Atom's Orbital Structure
(tags: physics quantum )
The Long Slow Death of Twitter
(tags: twitter comic socialnetworking )
Minecraft to run artificial intelligence experiments
(tags: minecraft ai )
Storegga Slide - the massive landslides which washed fifty miles inland in Scotland
(tags: scotland uk prehistory )
Mediterranean Sea filled in less than two years
(tags: prehistory ocean )
Go Ahead & Change Bodies; Just Remember To Take Your Soma
(tags: society thefuture Technology gender race )
Is TDD Dead?
(tags: testing design programming )

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